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On land

On land

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From the sky

We take pride in our work.

Ubi3D is a tech startup based in Antwerp, Belgium. As a 3D scanning company we specialise in the “art and science of Photogrammetry”: creating highly detailed, accurate and visually stunning 3D scans from photographs and/or video footage. 

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Our focus is on flexibility: whether you wish to scan an object as small as a button or as large as a mountain, whether your object of interest is situated on land or underwater – we can provide a scanning solution that fits your project’s needs. 

3D Scanning

Using the latest Photogrammetry technology, we can create highly detailed, texture-rich 3D scans of any solid object, in any environment. 

Photogrammetry Courses

More of a do-it-yourself sort of guy/gal/company? 
Follow a Photogrammetry course tailored to your experience level and requirements! 


Have a scanning issue you can’t seem to tackle? In need of a second opinion? 
We’re happy to help out any way we can. 

research_94pxResearch and Publication

We’re scientists at heart. Have an interesting research project you’d like to collaborate on or need a 3D Methods chapter for your publication? Let us know! 

Technical Drawings

Your 3D scan is used to create scaled 2D technical drawings. Useful for scientific publications, architecture studies, museum catalogues, …

PR Content

Want to share your new scan online in interactive 3D? Need a video of your 3D model for a presentation or PR?
We got you covered. 

Project Spotlight: IJsselkogge

Ubi3D is proud to be working together with archaeology company ADC ArcheoProjecten on the documentation of the 15th century IJsselkogge shipwreck. The 20 meter long trading vessel, discovered prior to dredging works in the river IJssel in the Netherlands, is one of the most intact Medieval ships ever to be found.
During the archaeological excavations Ubi3D made underwater scans of some of the ship’s key features, including the vessel’s kitchen. Now that the wreck has been successfully lifted from the riverbed, Ubi3D will be involved in the ship’s overall documentation on dry land. Eventually both the underwater and land data will be merged to create a complete 3D reconstruction of this unique archaeological find.


Whether you want to discuss your project, are interested in following a course, have a simple question or just want to grab a cup of coffee; we’d be happy to hear from you! 

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